Your Smartphone Transformed into a Mobile Lab

Your Smartphone Transformed into a Mobile Lab

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30 April 2015

From University of Tasmania – Research to Reality:

A new University of Tasmania collaboration is aiming to bring the complexities of in-house laboratory testing to the fingertips of those in the field.

In a move promised to revolutionize the way complex samples are carried out, a $5.2 million Australian Research Council Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation Technologies (ASTech) was established late last year.

The University has partnered with Australian company Trajan Scientific and Medical and the Federal Government to explore new technologies which ultimately bring the laboratory to the sample.

“What if you could carry out a full suite of tests on a pin-prick droplet of blood … What if you could carry out tests on your smartphone?”

Professor Emily Hilder believes big strides can be made by working closely with Trajan.
Photo: Peter Mathew

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