Welcome to ASTech, the ARC Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation Technologies. Join us on a journey to discover and create new technologies to enable more portable separation science applications.

At ASTech, we look to the future. We will explore science and technologies that can lead to portable analytical separation systems that will enable point-of-sample analysis for complex samples in food, environmental, and clinical applications – ultimately bringing ‘the lab’ to the sample.

ASTech is a partnership between the University of TasmaniaTrajan Scientific and Medical, University of South Australia and La Trobe University combining research and industry knowledge to innovate in product design and manufacturing techniques, contributing to a sustainable, globally competitive manufacturing industry in Australia.

Innovation from ASTech

hemaPEN® is a product concept developed through ASTech, and has huge potential to benefit to a range of diseases including diabetes, therapeutic drug monitoring and medical research.

Meet our Partners

ASTech is a partnership combining research and industry knowledge to innovate in product design, development and manufacturing techniques in portable analytical separation technologies.