ASTech Partners Present at HTC-13 Conference

ASTech Partners Present at HTC-13 Conference

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1 February 2014

Founding partners of ASTech, UTAS and Trajan, were both well represented at the 2014 International HTC Conference held in Bruges, Belgium 28-31 January 2014.

ASTech Director Emily Hilder and colleagues from University of Tasmania presented on “polymeric monolithic materials for miniaturised bioanalysis”. The presentation drew on research (in which Trajan’s Chief Scientific Officer Andrew Gooley also was involved) into the potential use of these materials in sampling and sample preparation. The team’s research found that these monolithic materials exhibited equal or superior performance to currently used materials.

Separately, Harald Ritchie (Director of Operations, Europe, Trajan) presented on “the continuing evolution of HPLC column technology”, reviewing the evolutionary trends in the development of the HPLC column from the 1970s to the present day.

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