The Evolution of 3D Printing

The Evolution of 3D Printing
ASTech Centre Director Brett Paull has penned this story for LCGC Europe November 2017, Volume 30, Issue 11.
Looking back, there are a great many names immortalized across all fields of science and technology, which we first hear about in the undergraduate lecture halls, and perhaps only later learn to truly appreciate as the innovators and inventors of an impactful technology that has lasted the test of time. A couple of names that at present are probably not yet commonplace in the undergraduate science class are those of Hideo Kodama and Chuck Hull.
For those readers for whom the names do not ring an immediate bell, well over 30 years ago Hideo was accredited with the first demonstration of a “printed” three-dimensional (3D) plastic model using ultraviolet (UV) photopolymerization (1), while Chuck first coined the term stereolithography, and also patented this new technology in 1984. The first 3D-printed objects produced by these pioneering individuals were rather unassuming, namely a small model of a house and a small cup for use as an eyewash. However, let’s contrast these humble beginnings with today’s situation. Read more…

LCGC Europe

Volume 30, Issue 11, pg 611–612